Elasco Urethane specializes in chemical compounding, product design, and manufacturing while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Chemical Compounding

We excel in formulating and producing advanced polyurethane chemical systems. Our polymer plant, chemical compounding facilities, and material processing equipment have been designed specifically for the types of chemicals we process.  We also utilize various resins to acquire the hardness, elasticity, and durability required for each specific product.

Product Design

Our engineering staff is equipped with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM and 3D mechanical modeling systems for the design and production of cutting tools, molds, fixtures, product inserts, and specialized production equipment.


Our team guides customers through each stage of the development process to ensure that their ideas are transformed into products capable of manufacturing.

Quality Control

Elasco Urethane's quality program is one of the leading programs in the polyurethane industry, consisting of an extensive chemical analysis, as well as a physical testing program to guarantee material consistency and product performance.